Male psychology for love

Man's evil mind
Man’s evil mind

Okay, you would be thinking that men are evil minded when it comes about relationship. No, they aren’t that evil, rather they are just grown up human being who want love and care from a lady like their mom does, but question here arrives “what men think while committing a relationship with a girl “ POINTS I’M GONNA WORK UPON

  • Ungettable Girl
  • Support Zone
  • Negative Mind


Ungettable Girl
No one can catch me !

Men are different creatures when it comes to get commit a relationship with someone. Many a times men will like to date a girl who is an “UNGETTABLE GIRL”

UNGETTABLE GIRL : Perfect with beauty and rich in personality

It is just similar with the aspect “Butterflies Hard to Catch”. Men look forward to those butterflies which challenge to their souls to catch it and have it. Why men goes with this happenings, because in real world what I came across is that Men are more competitive, they love challenges. So if you.. as a girl wanna grab any guy in your arms, you need to become Ungettable girl(UG)

SUPPORT ZONE : helping emotions

Every Man needs a second mother, no not actually the second one.. I mean in respect of a girl, who can be a true friend, caring like a mother, loving like a child. This particular emotion urge a man to go in a relationship of course with UG (ungettable girl)

NEGATIVE MIND : villains play this role πŸ˜‰

You might be in that relationship with your boy, who he name as “friends with benefit” and you might be thinking he actually loves me. what are you sayingΒ “friends with benefit”.. no never But it is true, some men needs physical benefit and that may be because they are not 100% sure with you and will provide you mixed signals.. I’m gonna help you out with this.. πŸ™‚ If any query, I’m here to reply

4 thoughts on “Male psychology for love

  1. Dats absolutely True N specially I like The 3 part dats negative mind…bUt we cant deny this fact dat most boys come into relationship Just For being Physical….Dats why I Dont Prefer relationships…No1 is being true…N vei Well written..

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    1. Thanks Anchal.. Its just human psychology, though we should never forget many are still there with true hearts waiting for their dream girl πŸ™‚


    1. @crazyconfused he will send you some mixed signals, which says he’s not 100% sure, he has an habit to be with you, which cannot be called as love. But you can make any man fall in love. My next post will definitely help you πŸ™‚


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