Women’s desire 😉

We generally say “We need this….. We want this…”

But we aren’t aware before discourse.. or are we ??

NEED : These are something basics, something absolutely necessary.

WANT : This is a feeling for something you lack.

When we talk about these two aspects, we came across a confusion in our mind where we make same decision to split out these two words in a same circumstances. This is the role which is played by our subconscious mind in a very tactful manner.

we ought to speak what our mind has set for us, Lets take an emotional example now, a girl aware of the difference of needs and wants.

 That girl after her emotional stage of separation from boyfriend/ friend/ family…. her words will be directly like  “ I need him/them back.. I can’t live” though getting your ex back is nonsense until and unless he’s worth enough for again “boyfriend” tag.. okay we are diverting now..

Why she spoke out such words when she’s aware of the fact that need is not her boyfriend/friend/family ?? Of course she can want to have anything friends/ family.. but she don’t need to have it.

Got confused ?

okay see this line – Needs and wants are physiological and psychological respectively. Read it again. Got ? Mind play a real game when emotions come in life. We do different things which we won’t do if we would be on a normal stage.

When emotions run high, Logic falls down

So we analyze a simple concept that they may be two different words with different meanings but somehow our subconscious mind with the emotional stage mix the both.

And that may be with many other words, want and desire (In next blog).. some spelling confusable words , effect and affect, compliment and complement. Thousands of words kept in books safely.. mixed in mind.. and grind out from mouth – a confusable sentence 😉

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