“we were young and carefree..

stepping our heart out, counting stars, agog to play those nasty games, acting so aberrant..those Breezy days following different ways.

I still look to those beautiful grin of children which are really hard to forget.. You would be day dreaming.. those days.. right

DAYS – Reaching out large

Pretty great was our childhood, when sun used to rise and we used to open our eyes, a story used to set every day in our mind to crack someone’s head with face so kind 😛

Stepping out calling mom with a caterwaul face, looking still innocent with carefree mind.

Hugging hard, becoming a cynosure.. We used to smile again, stepping in and towards those video games.

Days went, sun rises again and we are still lame but mom attack us, now we rush towards the gate

pooping our eyes out in books, carefree about our looks… Those school days.. Free mind, our happiness was to hear the bell, rushing with speed which is hard to tell

Time passed away happiness was converted, we became independent and prudent in a place deserted

Living in a bon ton, searching for a person which can turn us on

we didn’t realize until we fall so hard, that books were something to trust and love was only lust

And here we stand solitude still smiling with great attitude.

we don’t know what is there in life next, but we missed those pretty days at its best !!

Life has teaches us great lessons and you would be aware that a child is still teaching us 3 things

  • To be happy for no reason
  • To be always busy in something
  • To demand with all his mighty

Bitter and pretty stories are hidden in our soul.. we just need to overcome them as a child 🙂

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