A hidden story…

Pages were left blank.. hands with a pen never land..

words were unsaid.. sentences were upset..

she caterwaul while sleeping, murmuring ” I’m healing”


A girl stepped in, contorted her face, about to cry..

Mother : what should i make for you ?

Girl : (holding her breath) Anything

This is a story of a girl who was afraid of other girls.. afraid of all men, as according to her world was just torment.. Teenage life, made her cry everyday..

And one day, sun rises smiling at her.. she smile back.. and like miracles happen.. She was able to write.. seeing diamond in the sky.. she was over with her cry !!

And this small story of that little girl who was still afraid of all men out there.. because she find men as hurting element..

So She touched nature.. she wrote books.. she dance like a princess, demand like a child, she was able to love herself and then finally she conquer her fear.

This is not my story..but..of a writer who wrote a famous book “ananya”. A heart touching book was published this year.. In which a girl name- ananya sharma felt in love with a wrong guy.. and that mistake revolves around her whole life.. but then all of a sudden She change....

WORLD is a very different place.. once you are on its wrong side.. !!

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