Money can’t cover your wrong deeds

You walk with expensive tags.. gold watches and jewels.. colors to hide your face but you leave everyone in disgrace..

Living in a royal world.. open your eyes to see those disables.. You drive a big car.. and commit crimes.. and then all of a sudden government goes blind.. with money mind.. and you never love.. you are heartless.. just roam around and leave scars..

you have hurted us so badly.. we are in pain.. and you are gonna find the doctor ??? But a doctor cannot fix the scars !!

You have trucks of green notes.. You are smiling, laughing then what is it that you’re hiding..

You are giving red roses.. But why its bleeding.. it wasn’t roses rather bruises..

Open your eyes young man.. there are people who sleep everyday without eating, there are landless people, there are beggars, there are garbage pickers, there are bare footers, there are those who die in every winter, there are people who need your help..

And to help them doesn’t mean you deliver them your green notes.. I mean by meeting them, feeding them..smiling with them and educating them.. giving them new ways to live so that one day they prosper their life..

And I have taken steps.. hope you do the same..

I’m going to meet students who are in “Institue of physically handicapped” near connaught place, new Delhi, India and also orphanage in Ashok nagar, new Delhi, India..

Devote your eyes towards those who search happiness but need your help to find it.. 🙂

🙂 “You never rise with your money.. You rise with your dignity” 🙂

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