Thinking twice.. as action speaks

There are only 3 places which I love to visit everyday – Gym, Library and home..

Gym : It motivates your body to be fit, every stretch, every dumble, every part of your body screams “That you’re amazing ”

LIBRARY : A peaceful place which overdose you.. books seems to say that you can enlighten yourself..

HOME : memorable place with good and worst memories, blood don’t live there.. but souls lovable hearts live hand in hand..

And so my action/ behavior differ in all three, I’m an angry young woman in gym, a studious curious lady at library and a crying loving baby at home and if I change any of my position.. the outcome can be weird..

Your action describes you…

Good deeds – Bad deeds ..Remember ?? my previous blog ? okay let it be…

So the behavior you carry.. Carry it confidently.. Think, is it right..  The words you speak.. does it match with your action ??

Think twice before you act.. because you know the consequences 😉

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