Are we losing touch ?

Yes, we are loosing it..

Just memorize, when did you actually left your phone for a day and spend time with Your people ?

Reality is that we do not own electronics, but electronics own us

Ting Ting… !!!!  “Notification” Checking daily stuff…
notifications are eating us.. And we are not aware of it

If I go factual, then every 89% of Delhi’s population is involved with some electronic gadgets which are snatching their real life..

I remember those pretty days when I uninstall many networking apps from my phone (whatsapp, facebook, snapchat).  Those were the days when i concentrated on other precious stuff in my life to explore myself.. (I’m thinking to go for a break again 😛 )

There were also some days years back, when there was a power-cut and I used to lighten candles at my place and my mom, paa, cousins, grandpa  like gossipers.. used to gather with eatery stuff and make that moment memorable… those days….!!!! :/

Take a break for a day atleast.. and then you may realise, that you are better without your gadgets.. !! 🙂

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