Love which strokes personality

LOVE ♥  is a feeling which makes ones life beautiful ,but ugly as well.

Keeping in mind, you are sensitive by nature, so you are gonna hit by many. If you have a resilient type of character then you may get exasperated soon or sooner 😛


And there comes what is called “Love” , we know its bad, we are aware of the consequences and still are mouth speaks.. “No its worthy

Coming on the front, where one’s personality is smashed by a feeling for someone. A person which was more complacent earlier may become the opposite when their head is over heels

A wiser you are today, you may be one of the most dumbest individual in love.. And so it is called LOVE is blind.. Because here we all judge a book by its cover.

When we are out of it.. We walk like a James Bond 😀 😛

If it like to hinder your well set- personality.. “Let it Go”

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