Beauty Distractions

What’s next… Makeup Artist, designing a gown for 20% who are rich here ? Are you kidding me ?

Lets be honest, Beauty videos always distract me, who don’t wanna look flawless with beautiful skin colors on our face which is mostly eaten by men. (don’t judge, its true)

Fuck Grammar, please don’t get humiliated. Its true, we girls just don’t want to admit. I have more thoughts than just makeup and beauty, If you can’t make it large, then don’t fake yourself.

Seriously, it can only be achieved until and unless your dad has a heavy pocket so you can buy expensive products to paint someones face and give a tag ” It enhance beauty”

okay, It does. I don’t criticize on such matter, but here comes my point why are you getting diverted when you excel in many other stuff, distraction + emotions = failure

but logically u think + wiser you act = success in your hands

You’re a lady who walks in heels in her office not just to pose for some shoots or to colour someones face, but to be a corporate gentlewoman who wears fashion, order employees and kick their asses. THAT’S WHAT YOU WANT TO BE…


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