What men look for in a relationship

Have you ever wondered to yourself,

“I wonder what men are really looking for in relationships?”

Lets start at the beginning with what men crave in relationships.
What Men Really Want

Sex… end of the story.

No, no, no I am just kidding you (well, they do want that too) but I aim to give you some deeper insight into men than that obvious one.

Lets talk about “The Egomaniac” concept first,

The egomaniac is all about the ego.

These type of men are extremely selfish and shallow. In other words, they are the type of guys that only date women for their looks. Sure, personality may matter down the road but for them, looks are 80% of the equation. The perfect example of men who are egomaniacs is, if you look at pretty much every male on that show, “The Jersey Shore.”

What men want in a relationship is for you to feed their ego to the point where they feel like they are literally the most important person on planet earth. If all men had their way that is exactly what they would want from a relationship.

Let me give you an example.

Lets say that an imaginary couple that I just made up are dating. Lets give them some generic names like Aman and Shruti.

Ok, so Aman and Shruti are dating and Shruti is doing an amazing job of feeding Aman lines like,

“You are the best I ever had.”

“I love you more than life itself.”

I think you get the picture…

Well, the more Aman begins to hear stuff like that the more his ego will be fed and the more confident he will become. The more he will crave that type of admiration from Shruti. Now, lets take a look at the opposite side of the coin.

Lets say that Shruti doesn’t do a good job of giving Aman the admiration he craves. He is going to be thinking,

“Does she even care about me?”

Do you see the difference? If men don’t get the admiration they feel they are entitled to in a relationship they begin to lose interest. This leads us to an interesting question, what is the best way to give them admiration?
How To Properly Give Men The Admiration They Crave

So, now that you know that men basically want you to feed their egos in a relationship you should just go out and do it right?


Compliments/ego feedings have a way of getting stale if it happens too often.

The best way I can put it is like this.

The second we stop craving your admiration is the second that we could potentially begin to lose interest. Always leave something for us to crave. 

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