Hey my life is much cooler than yours social media

I mean just look at your Facebook feeds, your Instagram peeps.. with hashtag brands, people are getting married, by updating their bio with the ” ring”  attached, wearing “Zara” coat or driving to different roads.. and some just got a Ferrari on birthday.

This is a psychological epidemic, where we need approval from others.. we try to win people by showing how amazing life we are living,  JUST royal.. loving our LUXURY..

Boasting and gloating confirms that you need appreciation from others

Its actually go like this.. if you are Bombarded with the likes on your picture you will approve that its good to keep and when not.. there would be an insidious quirk to your brain.. DELETE ! DELETE…!!

Well what I heard that many post their pictures at the time when the viewers are much active (night time..)  Hahaha.. guys I must say you’ll rock in digital marketing SEM,SEO..

So no matter how amazing your life is, how big your pocket is, our graves will always be the same size.

Be real.. don’t be just in CHARACTER.. 



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