Power within you

Everyone has the power within themselves, they just don’t use it.

Powerful people try to win it by a trick

And yes, you are pretty much aware of it and you can put them on the defensive. When people don’t value your words – when in a meeting your opinion does not count much – when they just see right through you. You would have just lost your self-esteem there and then.

So whats that trick, that every person would like to hear from you, would stop for a minute to treat you well.

The trick is :

Be unpredictable, keep them wanting more

Try to keep others in suspense, your predictability gives other a sense of control. You sometimes need to strike without warning, to make others tremble when they least expect it.

Keep that in mind, people are always trying to read the motives behind your action.

This strategy has been used by many organisation in their TVCs to lure the customers.

As it is said “Silence speaks a thousand word” and silence is unpredicatble.

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