30 days fitness challenge.

I don’t know how fatty are you, but there will be a great difference after 30 days only if you follow this plan


  Day 2 Exercise :


  • Water intake – 3 bottle (1L) atleast per day


  • For women I will highly recommend “Kellogs K special” It really works, with daily exercise and having this in the morning 100% sure you will be able to reduce the tummy fat. I tried in 2015 and in two years I gained alot, so I’m trying again and its working 😀
  • For men and alternative for women- oats, poha, eggs, omelette, avocado, only fruits (watermelon in summers is amazing in the morning with empty stomach) and soya milk. Avoid Paranthas, Breads.

TWO TIMES GREEN TEA IN A DAY (Between meals) I preferred taking refined oolong green tea from the origin China. You can try Lipton, or Organic India (they are also very nice)


  • 2 Chapattis with subzi/daal and yogurt, (salad optional)

TIME FOR GREENTEA (as I already Mentioned above Between the meals)


  • Please cook what I cook Hahhaha 😛 (Check my Insta story, Now on Annie.Bolivia also )
  • Avoid Carbs
  • Salad, Breast chicken at 7-8pm (I don’t know much about chicken as I’m Vegan) But surely will update with you soon.


P.S —

DIET will remain the same throughout the month.




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