Becca moonstone vs Opal


Blog on Becca shimmering skin perfector pressed in moonstone and opal.

I feel like this opens the door for so many people when it comes to highlighting, I guess lots of people got obsessed with highlighting because of Becca.

I believe its the WORLD’S BEST HIGHLIGHTER. (I just have two of these)
Here, I would acknowledge you why I like them and will compare two of these (moonstone and opal) on different skin tone of people.

So, First of all, these are very expensive products and are categorized in High-end products. For Indians we have to pay through our nose as it includes import duty, transportation cost, etc.  Becca cosmetics sell these at 38$ each, which equals to 2,432 INR but the agents (Sephora) who import them charge around 3400 INR

The packaging is very good, it looks like a spaceship hahaha.. Please check out these swatches

without flash
With flash

Top one – moonstone.  Bottom – Opal

Okay, so top one on my hand is Moonstone : it is like white gold colour and it is the lightest one but its amazing, it just blend so perfectly so creamy, AMAZING !!  It will go with fair to medium skin tone.

Bottom one is Opal my oldy and goody : it is a Champagne gold colour a little bit bronze, actually very much similar to Becca champagne pop, it is a Universal colour though I feel it will be slightly dark on very fair skin tone. 

You can see in this video, how pigmented and Amazing they are, just popping out and the best thing is it doesn’t fall out, there are no glitter chunks.

What I don’t like about this product – its too expensive and its way too powdery but that’s good  as it is pigmented , your brush pick more of it and you will fear it will end soon, but it won’t.

They both are worth the splurge, very creamy product. My current favorite is Moonstone because its more like a pearl neutral colour, and I feel like goddess sometimes wearing it. 😛

I hope I have given good amount of details which will help you to buy the best and better products. If any questions, please don’t hesitate to comment.

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