Be proud to live here..

     INDIA : Independent Nation of Democratic Integration Alliance

I’m proud to be an Indian girl.. and I love wearing Indian attires..

And the reason why I have found my love in India is that its amazing and incredible place.. I was a girl, a total cynic.. I used to criticize this place as I Dream of a land.. with full technology driven and so I forgot the beauty.. But visiting places, reading books, blogs, and analyzing surveys with visitors- our guest.. I met a lady..


ignore my picture (I know how I’m looking 😛 ).. its an old one..

Anyways..Here she is, Sara, who has devoted her 3 months in India.. an trying to research on all altruistic people of India..

You may know.. That when we greet anyone we fold our hands saying “Namaste” because we believe that god is in the eyes of every human being..

And we wear western clothes.. speak their language acquiring everything from foreign countries.. And with a flow we just go.. without knowing that this language which I’m writing here has arrived from our “Sanskrit language”

It may also interest you to know that in our country INDIA.. 5,600 newspaper in 21 languages is published everyday..

We have one of the largest military force across the globe.. what else you need to be proud to be an Indian.

And yes I also agree, that there are many other beautiful places around the world..which we like to visit.. But you will be surprised to know that 2014 data shows 6.97 million foreign tourist visited India..


4 thoughts on “Be proud to live here..

  1. Truly incredible our India is…. still dont know y we are so much attracted to western culture…i guess its like no one loves to eat ghar ki daal sabko bhaar ka hi khana acha lgta hai :p

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