Pampering Religion in INDIA

I got webbed in some questions, if you can answer any..

Why there is a custom for women covering head while entering in sacred places ?  Why people chant Waheguru Waheguru…, Ram Ram, Om namah shivaya.. ??

Why sikh people don’t cut their hair ?? Why there is a rule of bare footing sleepers in hindu temples, and the opposite in Church ??

Can you tell me why everyday milk is devoted or may I say wasted to gommatesh statue in bahubali temple, karnataka ??

Bahubali temple
Bahubali temple

Did your brain answer any ?

May I answer now..

  1. “Sikhs do not cut their hair because they believe that to be one with God you must maintain the form that he gave you.  This includes not cutting your hair or shaving.  Hair is one of the many gifts from God, and so they respect it. “
  2.  Indians chant Waheguru..Ram..Om namah shivaya.. as they want to make God remember that they are his loving kid
  3.  Hindu temples believe that foot wear is to criticize God but on the other hand Church don’t have this rule.
  4.  worshipping bahubali temple is a practise of Janism..
  5. And Indian women cover their head as the society believe showing hair in front of God is an act of disregarding the practice of particular religion

Shit happens !!!

So I’m assuming that you are a great follower of some religion out there in india..

So you devote milk to statues.. Chant waheguru 1000times to make him believe that you are there.. Do not cut your hair..because its a gift.. And you cover that gift while entering in any temples.. and you also cut your hair, I mean why women wax then ?? And you make that statue bath with milk, water… so you are bathing God ?? Millions of statues in India is God ??

Think please.. Use your brain while practicing any religion 🙂

(No offense.. I know its a hope for you.. but I believe that God is every human being.. not in statues) 🙂

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